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“Since 1928 RADIO ENERGIE is a
French company specialist in the
industrial rotating machines.”
"Worldwide known for the
Tachometer generator, we
also produce DC motors."

our products

We produce Tacho-generator and “alternator “ (speedsensor) DC motors, generator and alternator with permanent magnet.

Year after year, hundred and thousand millions of products have get out from our factory and are in used all other the world.

Dynamos and tachymetric alternators

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Permanent magnet generators (PMG)

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Digital encoders

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Electrical motors

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Our value to serve you :
Precision / Strongerness /
Flexibility / Consistancy

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our services



Feasibility study, advise and expertise

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security environment

Since 100 years, RADIO ENERGIE is attached to a permanent improvement

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Located in Chatellerault (86)

We mastered and execute internally the whole fabrication for and 100% finished product “made in France”

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core business


Products are controlled and tested in accordance to the rules…

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SAV (service after sales)

We expertise and restauration all the industrial rotating machines with low tension

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Our know how for
your requirements

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