RE.0 444 R

RE.0 444 R Radio Energie Tachogenerator

Product description

Radio Energie Tachogenerator RE.0444 R

RE.0444 R 60V is used as speed monitoring device. They convert rotating movement (RPM) into a proportional DC voltage with almost nil propagation delay and have no need for an energy supply.

The REO 444 R1 B0.06EG Radio Energie tachogenerator is most often used when mounted on to the back of a DC Motor. It supplies the connected DC drive with a voltage that is linear to speed typically expressed as a voltage against speed e.g. 60V/1000RPM.

The REO444R quickly established itself as the 'Industry Standard' and with its many options it quickly became the engineer’s choice.

REO 444 R has 60V/1000rpm output.

Main characteristics:

  • Industry

  • Speed control & regulation

  • IP54

  • Flange Mounted

  • EG grade brushes, 10,000 rpm max speed

  • 60V/1000rpm output

  • 11mm diameter shaft

  • Almost maintenance free (periodic check of brushes required)

  • Wide speed range

  • Long life brushes

  • Direction of rotation indicated by polarity of voltage output

  • External power source not required

  • Robust design

  • High quality signal

  • Terminal box

  • Mechanical combinations with encoders & speed switches

  • Various electrical options