RE.0 444 N 

RE.0 444 N Radio Energie Tachogenerator

Product description

Radio Energie Tachogenerator RE.0 444 N 

The RE.0444 N 60V is used as speed monitoring device. They convert rotating movement (RPM) into a proportional DC voltage with almost nil propagation delay and have no need for an energy supply.
The RE.0444 N is most often used when mounted on to the back of a DC Motor. It supplies the connected DC drive with a voltage that is linear to speed typically expressed as a voltage against speed e.g. 60V/1000RPM.
The RE.0444N quickly established itself as the 'Industry Standard' and with its many options it quickly became the engineer’s choice.

Mains characteristics:

  • Industry

  • Speed control & regulation

  • IP54

  • Flange Mounted

  • 60V/1000rpm output

  • EG grade brushes, 10,000 rpm max speed

  • 11mm diameter shaft

  • Almost maintenance free (periodic check of brushes required)

  • Wide speed range

  • Long life brushes

  • Direction of rotation indicated by polarity of voltage output

  • External power source not required

  • The most common DC tachometer generator

  • Permanent magnet excitation

  • Brush-holders under cover

  • Cable connection

  • Low ripple

  • Available with one or two commutator