We are pleased to inform you that our AMW group has just acquired all RADIO-ENERGIE and SERAMEL activities and products from the ZODIAC Aerospace group in Châtellerault (86) France.


As you know, RADIO-ENERGIE is a world-class reference on electric motors and generators.


Its three main product lines are:

  • tachometer generators and alternators, digital encoders,

  • industrial motors, DC motors and motors for explosion-proof (ATEX) environment,

  • permanent magnet generators (PMG) for applications to various generators, including wind power.


The site of Châtellerault (86) France is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ATEX.


The historic motto of our customers is: "RADIO-ENERGY is the best signal!" This is also the best selling point for our distributors!


Today, the AMW group wants to reinforce this signal, this bond that unites us, and to tell you all its pride and its will to develop this French industrial nugget.


We count on you to spread this signal and tell your customers that RADIO-ENERGIE:

  • produces and repairs all its product ranges, even the oldest ones,

  • develops new solutions products and services adapted to all specific needs,

  • extends its fields of expertise to the study, research and development in the manufacture and assembly of power components,

  • deploys a new production line to repatriate in France the manufacture of subcontracted products in Tunisia and totally master the AMW value chain: quality, customer service, know-how, jobs and environment.



41, route de Nonnes Châtellerault - FRANCE

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